“We should treat everyone the same whatever their cultural background.”


Would you agree?


If so, we challenge you to think a bit further. Why? Well, put simply, everyone is not exactly the same and so may not want to be treated the same as others.


Is there a need at your school to address issues like this? Are there attitudes which reveal ignorance, prejudice or unwitting racial bias? Are there stereotypes and set views about ethnic minority groups? Or perhaps there is a struggle at times to integrate and practice real equality for all cultural groups. Alternatively, there may be a seeming calm in relationships but many unresolved issues among various groups. Maybe relationships are being shaped by strong suppressed emotions that need to be unravelled and addressed in more constructive ways?


We can offer your school workshops that...

  • Present cultural diversity in an interesting and relevant way
  • Develop awareness and cultural intelligence skills
  • Openly tackle racial issues in school, community and society
  • Challenge pupils’ thinking about different types of people
  • Promote emotional intelligence
  • Provide support to staff and help to prepare pupils for today’s multicultural British society

Over the past seven years, we have delivered Cultural Diversity workshops in more than one hundred schools across the West Midlands, Shropshire, Powys and Herefordshire. Our workshops generate good interest and discussion. They are usually met with an openness to learn and are generally well received. Through the values that underpin our workshops, pupils and teachers are inspired with a fresh approach to dealing with cultural difference.


Please view our website for more information on what is on offer.


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What we offer...



These are just a few of the comments from the Travelling the World workshop:


"Everyone really enjoyed the workshops - the children were still talking about it today and several parents said their children had been talking about them at home last night, which is really positive." (Head Teacher).


"Superb range of resources and artefacts to bring workshop 'to life'. A fabulous session THANK YOU!" (Nursery Teacher).


"Getting children to move around was excellent - the children will remember this journey. Don't change anything- presentation of workshop

was very interesting and informative . Well done!" (School Governor).


"The workshop was very well organized and thought out. The artefacts added greatly to the pupils understanding of different cultures and by moving around various groups they gained a good understanding of how Britain is a multicultural society. Thank you very much" (Class Teacher).


"Setting the quite difficult concept of diversity within a story makes the idea much easier for children to access. The differentiation across the age groups is excellent!

(Deputy Head Teacher).


"An excellent workshop, the children loved it and really enjoyed it all. It was the perfect length for the age group. The children talked about the workshop and remembered all about the different countries. Fantastic workshop - well delivered!"

(Reception & Year1 Teacher).


"Props were really nice, stimulating, good for children to visualise."

(Year3/4 Teacher).