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...delivering cultural awareness, diversity and equality workshops in schools

About us

Creative Workshops Unlimited is an education and training consultancy that specialises in equipping children, young people and adults with high- level interpersonal skills for understanding and engaging as effectively as possible with those who may be very different to themselves. We draw on a wide range of experiences from over 25 years in education and training amongst different minority cultures and groups including African, Black Caribbean, Gypsy, Roma, Traveller, Indians, Pakistanis, American Indian in a variety of contexts.


Our presenters are from ethnic minority communities and they integrate their own experiences. Nealry 150 schools in several local authorities have tasted our workshops and benefitted from our experience.


Our mission


  • To aid in the development of rounded altruistic individuals...
  • who understand themselves...
  • are empathetic...
  • and open to personal transformation in their relationships with others...
  • through the development of their cultural awareness and emotional intelligence.






What we offer...


These are just a few comments from teachers on the The Windrush Pioneers & Britishness workshop.


"Personal experiences was very good."

"Lovely to have a 'real' connection to the Windrush. It helped pupils understand more clearly - History always seems better when someone can give first hand experience "


"It challenged children's ideas about what being British is - a good learning curve"


"Visual aids and audio were excellent and personal element of the story"


"Children were interested and alert. Eager to listen and find out!"


"Discussion with children were good. I thought they enjoyed it. We had further discussions after the workshops"


"Very informative and thought rovoking. Lead to lots of high quality thining and discussion."


"Good media"


"Children involved and enjoyed interacting"


"Firsthand experiences of immigration was useful"


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